What Does Blueprint Advertising Do?

Our advertising packages are simple – we do whatever we can to make sure that you’re getting better, more qualified leads. We have many different advertising modules that we can pull from to make sure that your advertising, now matter what your industry is, is working for you.

Our Services

We offer different lead generating options for your business including: Digital Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Digital Television Advertising, and Web Design

 Digital Advertising

Our Digital Advertising package and concepts allow you to advertise your business and services to people that are actively looking for what you do, right now, on different search engines. We build search, display, shopping, video, and retargeting ad campaigns for you to make sure that all your potential customers know you’re out there and ready to help.

 Social Media Advertising

Our goal with Social Media Advertising is to make sure that your business is having valuable, trust-building conversations with your potential clients and customers. Our social ads, ranging across all different social media platforms, allows you to connect to your leads without someone sitting in front of a computer all day waiting to talk to them. With our AI compatible advertising tools, we can position your business to have ongoing and inexpensive conversations with new customers every day.

 Digital Television Advertising

Our Digital Television Advertising allows potential leads to see your business on premier networks and channels, such as: Fox News, ESPN, HGTV, TBS, and CNN. Having access to these highly-watched networks allows your business’s ad spots to be seen by a mass amount of people, while also being highly-targeted. This means that your ads are only being seen by the people who have shown interest in what you do online.

 Web Design

Our Web Design services make sure that your online presence is in the best shape possible, allowing you to close more leads online. We design our sites to not only look like a million bucks, but to also make sure your site has a great SEO score, is fast, and has a clear mission and sales funnel built into it.

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