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Relevant Content Optimization

Having potential customers see your message is the heart of any advertising campaign. Going beyond simple sponsored links, and following your customers to the web pages they visit, including some of your competitors is the art of Relevant Content Optimization.

Many people are familiar with Google AdWords, Banner Advertising, and other online marketing techniques. RCO Campaigns while similar in appearance are radically different. Combining Sponsored Links, online Banner Networks, Mobile Networks, and detailed research, the RCO Program finds your potential customer and keeps your message in front of them throughout their digital experience.

Stage One: Keyword Research
We realize the daily rigors and demands your business requires, and sometimes marketing gets pushed to the back burner. The most time consuming and most beneficial aspect of advertising is research. Blueprint pulls invaluable information from many sources to develop a list of potentially 1,000 keywords that are relevant to your business and searched by your customers.

A common misstep is to try to climb the biggest mountain in the keyword game. Not only can it be a difficult task, but more often than not it is incredibly expensive. Blueprint's model is to take advantage the extensive list of keywords and climb a thousand hills for fractions of the cost.

Stage Two: Click Advertising
Research is only as good as the implementation. Targeting a thousand hills for a fraction of the cost will return better results than even a single mountain. Using a multitude of search engines, and adding in mobile phone advertising a budget can stretch farther and return better results than ever before. Instead of driving hundreds of hits to your website each month, drive thousands.

Relevant Content Optimization goes even another step further, by specifically targeting your competitor’s and other high traffic, relevant websites. Using multiple ad systems and remnant space, your banner advertisement could actively drive traffic away from competitors and straight to you.

Stage Three: Search Banners
Advertising across multiple platforms is the key to success in the online world. However, just having text ads, and banner ads isn’t always enough. Giving clients the ability to have their actual site be viewed by thousands of potential clients in real time is what puts the plus in RCO+. We can put your website on the front of all the major search engines. You can choose your desired terms or phrases you would like to appear under. Once registered, all traffic derived from your terms will now be delivered to your website.

Solutions For Every Budget Range

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