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21 Day Marketing Challenge: Day 15

Drive it like you stole it. I just texted this to a friend of mine. Everyone else is winding down for the year, putting their businesses and ministries on cruise control, and looking to 2016 already. We can all be guilty of this sometimes. We have total website shame and desperately need a new site redesign…
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21 Day Marketing Challenge: Day 10

Yesterday, we talked about the Godfather. "I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse..." Nope. Not that Godfather. The Godfather of Marketing. Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the best-selling marketing book of all time, Guerrilla Marketing: Easy And Inexpensive Strategies For Making Big Profits From Your Small Business. Here is one of my favorite…
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21 Day Marketing Challenge: Day 6

Three words. Red River Rivalry.  Even though I'm not a die hard fan of either team, one of my favorite things to do all year is to watch the Oklahoma vs Texas football game.  I love rivalries and OU vs Texas is one of the biggest rivalries in college football.  In football there is a…
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